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This August Form Gallery welcomes three well recognizable ceramic artists: John Parker, Rick Rudd and Steve Fullmer


This August Form Gallery welcomes three well recognizable ceramic artists: John Parker, Rick Rudd and Steve Fullmer, for a collaborative exhibition titled “Masters”. All three artists are familiar faces to ceramic art and Form Gallery, having exhibited widely on both a national and international scale. Combining the industrial, organic and theatrical while retaining a high level of aesthetic beauty; this show promises to showcase a unique and wide variety of ceramics.

This will be the first time that John Parkers new collection of work has been exhibited in Christchurch. The introduction of vibrant blue and gravity defying wall installations define this new collection, whilst retaining much of the style and forms characteristic of John; the philosophy of the European design movements of de Stijl and the Bauhaus, the special concern around pushing the concepts of the pieces as far as possible into severe minimalism and into the functional/non-functional debate to explore the very essence of defining these ideas.

Steve Fullmer on the other hand has produced something completely different from his traditional works; well known for his sculptural pieces he is equally passionate about his domestic ware. All his work is handmade and decorated with the hope that some of the spirit of the maker is imbued in the pots. Steve’s newest collection while different especially in his introduction of the Meteors: Steve’s version of space exploration also holds elements of continuance from a previous solo show held at the Suter Art Gallery in Nelson, called Moutere Ocean. The Rays specifically, while ultimately a production of Steves imagination, are greatly influenced by real undersea life and quite primitive in their construction.

Wavy lines, spirals, Mobius twists, colour and figures are just five of the features to be witness in the third artists work: Rick Rudd, by self definition a potter and in the 30 years he has been domiciled in New Zealand he has earned himself a significant place within ceramic art achievement in New Zealand. His work in addition to the two afore mentioned artists has marked the entry into the functional ceramic scene in New Zealand of art school-trained studio potters, who put form before function.

The show opens on Friday the 14th of August at 5.30pm, and both John Parker and Steve Fullmer will be in attendance. The exhibition itself will be open for 3 weeks however, running until 3rd of September 2015.

About Form gallery
FORM gallery exhibits and retails the work of New Zealand contemporary object artists, and has been part of the Christchurch Art Community for 20 years. FORM is now located at 468 Colombo St (on the corner of Byron St) in Sydenham.

Written by

Form Gallery

7 Aug 2015

Form Gallery exists to showcase and retail the work of New Zealand contemporary object and jewellery artists; it was established in 1993 by Koji Miyazaki in Christchurch's Cathedral Square, New Zealand.