Cymbidium Exotica

Cymbidium Exotica
Cymbidium Exotica - Full Stem
Cymbidium Exotica


'Darwin loved orchids and used them to reinforce his theories on the diverse mechanisms of fertilisation.
'Cymbidium Exotica' is a pioneering Light Sculpture created by a team of artists and skilled craftsmen, from a union of twenty-first Century technology, kiln slumped & cast glass, timeless fine metalwork and contemporary neon.
A true portrait of an orchid; the diverse use of media also represents the cross-pollination and evolution of art in its infinite forms.
'Darwin, was as far as I am concerned, one of the bravest and far-sighted men ever to have lived. I can only fantasise as to what he might have said of Cymbidium Exotica!'
Purchase Details: 

The full stem of five flowers is not for sale - this is the artist's proof. However, we are creating a limited edition of single blooms; each one unique. Please contact us at for more information.

Written by

ISO Design

21 Nov 2009