Making up for lost time Series.

Talk to me Harry Winston
Belle of the Ball #1
Mrs Harbottle's ballet studio.
Belle of the Ball #2
Recent works.


At first glance Making Up for Lost Time is a pink filled, slightly humorous series with heavy elements of masquerade. It is both of these things, but at a deeper level each image in this series is a fragment of a larger and revealing portrait of a melancholic psyche.

The use of pink in the series is a way of clambering to make up for events missed out on in the past. An accidental form of childhood feminism caused a refusal to participate in specifically feminine activities. This series is made in response to these regrets. Now over-compensating and excessively re-staging events (real or imagined) finally fulfills these fantasies.

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Written by

Michaela Challis

17 Dec 2012

Interests BFA Graduate and aspiring fine arts photographer.