Are you Looking?

are you looking? acrylic and printing ink on vellum paper by Jeanine Oxenius
3rd degree Exhibition at Geoff Wilson Gallery- traveling light series by Jeanine Oxenius
3rd degree Exhibition , Geoff Wilson Gallery, traveling light series by Jeanine Oxenius


Jeanine's figurative painting style evokes anticipation, humour, hope and it often depicts a narrative, which speaks of foreign lands and uncharted spaces.

"People are funny creatures. They are forever on the lookout for something better. I am not immune to this, but living in paradise and on the edge of the world it makes it a bit difficult to look over the fence to see if the grass is greener on the other side. So instead of looking over the fence I made it my business to look beyond."

I try to take the viewer on a journey, to a place - my place. Somewhere, where no one has been before but one that still feels welcome and strangely familiar. A place where you could imagine spending some time, with me, with the rest of the world, being in the moment, at exactly this moment.

Jeanine Oxenius 2012

Written by

Jeanine Oxenius

26 Dec 2012