Chimp - Lucifer and Dog - Lucy

Chimp Pencil Portrait by Native Impressions Art
Lucy - Pencil pet portrait by Native Impressions Art
Two beautiful pencil portraits, one in plain graphite and the other with added colour


The first picture is of Lucifer - he was at Auckland Zoo many years ago and I was asked to draw the whole troop before they were moved to Hamilton. So I drew all 6 of them. They were amazing! Some of the portraits are hanging now at Hamilton Zoo.
I got to observe them for extended periods of time and got to know their personalities well.
Lucifer was my favorite. He was a young male and would often sit up in the tree in this pose - very thoughtful :)
The second portrait is of a very energetic dog, Lucy. She was crazy! Very sweet but so full of energy she was hard for the owner to control at times. In this portrait I have used the standard graphite and then added colour to it.

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While both of these images have sold, I work from commissions and most people provide the photos of pets or people.

Written by

Native Impressions Art

3 Feb 2013