Exhibition at Literaturhaus Hamburg, Germany

Exhibition at Literaturhaus Hamburg
Exhibition at Literaturhaus Hamburg
Exhibition at Literaturhaus Hamburg
An exhibition related to the German Memorial Day of historic buildings


I was responsible for planning an entire exhibition in Hamburg last September. The show was part of the German Memorial Day, where historic buildings opened their doors to the public and showed their individual history. The Literaturhaus Hamburg is a 140-year-old Victorian villa, which has seen all different types of tenants over the years: private owners, a dance school, a children's home for young girls and eventually the Literaturhaus. The idea behind the exhibition was to show all those stages to the public by exhibiting objects, music, photographs and videos from the past - to give the viewers an impression on how life used to be 100 years ago! 

I researched all objects on display, held interviews with former tenants, found sponsors and organised the advertising as well as the design of the exhibition architecture. In the end the entire strategy on how to set up this exhibition ended up to be my Master's thesis in Arts and Media Management.

Written by

Lena Kovac

27 Nov 2009