Four Square Man

Mr Four Square Man
Four Square Man - first officially licensed print of Mr Four Square


After years of appropriation (most famously by artist Dick Frizzell) an officially licensed print of the Four Square Man has been launched today.

Mr Four Square is the logo of the New Zealand grocery store chain Four Square Store whose ultimate owner is Foodstuffs (Auckland) Ltd. Foodstuffs (Auckland) LtdĀ are pleased to announce the launch of an officially sanctioned print saying thatĀ "locals, visitors, overseas tourists and especially kids all love our very friendly Mr Four Square"

The name Four Square emerged when J. Heaton Barker - the founder of Foodstuffs while talking on the phone, drew a square around the 4 of the date on his calendar. He immediately realised he had a suitable name for the buying group, stating that "they would stand 'Four Square' to all the winds that blew".

The Four Square Man print is available from New Zealand Fine Prints - NZ's art print specialists since 1966.

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New Zealand Fine Prints

6 Aug 2010