The Arksville Homicides

The very first CG Animated Horror/Mystery Web-Series ever! I am a creator specialising in adult CG animated content.




Short Summary

"Its 1967, and in the large town of Arksville, Pennsylvania - something evil is about to surface.

For Lieutenant Mike Eidalman of the Arksville Police Department his beloved town is going to slowly change for the worse, a suspected cult is operating somewhere nearby and muiltated bodies are beginning to turn up!

A race against time is about to begin as he, his own police officers and their families are threatened as well as the very populace of Arksville."

The big grand plan is to make this web-series online, releasing a high-quality episode every four weeks.

It's gonna be exciting, gripping and seriously you will be going a a helluva roller-coaster ride episode to episode!

What We Need & What You Get

We need your help, otherwise this sadly won't happen! $25,000 is the minimal amount worked out to make this series for a whole year!

Costs include:


Web Site Costs

Riggers (for the 3D Models)

Voice Actors

Technical Expertise (for the animation/website)

The perks of donating are listed on the side, and their gonna be very very cool, if this all goes ahead, you'll have your own little piece of Arksville history!

If we don't reach our entire goal, funds will go into making what we can of the series, as much as possible for as long as possible, it probably means we'll still make it, but it wont go for an entire year as planned.

The Impact

It's time to get excited about this and be apart of it, getting behind something that will (in my humble opinion) change the level of content and quality for online animated webseries and give them a crapload more credibility in the wider world!

For way more info, which I'll be regularly posting go here:

We have a twitter here:

and a facebook page here:

you can see my previous work here:

The website is coming soon! and will blow your mind!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't donate, then SPREAD THE WORD, please please I beg of you, that is the next best and way epic valuable thing you can do, feel free to message me and tell me you did, and I will still love you like family for it!

MAKE SOME NOISE! My voice will be hoarse with the amount I'm making, I promise you.

Please use the indiegogo share tools, the more people that know, the more chance we got of making this sucker!

And this is where I stop annoying you, if you read this far, then in my book, you are already awesome and I love you! :D

Lewis Roscoe

Written by

Lewis Roscoe

6 Nov 2012