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I have a vision, that one-day a multicultural sitcom will air on NZ, but I need writer’s support. Let me know if you are interested in developing KP.


*** pls don't expect too much, this is just a concept of a sitcom, otherwise pls enjoy the show.

The sitcom follows a production office run by an unscrupulously racist producer – Richard Smith, who is all too willing to take advantage of cheap Chinese labour. He hires Ken Chow, a curious Chinese scriptwriter who is misled into making some wild assumptions about Kiwi culture by his workmates. Working with Ken is a womanizing director – David Wilson, who dedicates his life to fulfilling every hot woman’s needs; the office is run by pedantic production manager – Chloe Jackson, who wants to control everything – even Ken’s love life. She even thinks yellow must match with yellow, sort of like trying to fit a square shape into a circular hole. Last but not least is sexy receptionist – Tracy Henderson, who uses her wondrous cleavage to tantalize the company’s clients and thinks of herself as a love guru.

In this chaotic office, everyone is trying to prove their existent. As a foreigner, Ken wants to be accepted by his fellow Kiwis, not wanting to be seen as “different”. However, Richard hired him to open a new market to China, and attempts to preserve Ken’s foreign ignorance of New Zealand. Richard also hired Chloe – The control freak productions manager – to do all his work. Chloe develops feelings for David, but hides these feelings out of reservation, instead becoming antagonistic to him. Tracy, the sexy receptionist often gets the attention of David, creating conflicts between the three. Who will be the winner of this triangle love and will Ken be accepted by the Kiwis, as a Kiwi? I need a lot of productions support to find this answer.

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I think the Idea is good and marketable, but I need some scriptwriters support. Please let me know if anyone of you are interested in developing this idea with me or tell me what you think.

Written by

Cheng, Chen Yu

9 Feb 2013