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Dance Films

Shona McCullagh's short films Fly, Hurtle, Break & Mondo Nuovo have screened all over the world and won awards.



New Zealand Arts Laureate SHONA McCULLAGH’s award winning dance films are now available for purchase online.

Shona McCullagh’s short films Hurtle, fly, break and her latest experimental short Mondo Nuovo are featured on the website, where there is also a showreel of the films. Both fly and break are featured respectively in Barbara Snook’s excellent publications Dance…Count me In and Dance for Senior Students.

Fly (5 mins; winner of Australia’s Reeldance Awards 2002) tells the story of a deaf boy trying to break free from his father. Based on the Greek myth of Daedelus and Icarus, the film uses sign language as a basis of the choreographic language. A teachers resource kit produced by DANZ is also available on request.

Break (15 mins; winner Dance on Camera Festival, New York 2007, Reeldance People’s Choice Award 2006) explores the relationship a nine-year-old boy has with his mother and the ultimate loss of his trust.

The hugely popular Hurtle (10 mins) is a comedy featuring two nuns competing in a surreal race. This film won the Paula Citron Award for Choreography for Camera at Moving Pictures Festival, Toronto in 1998 and is still screened frequently all over the world.

These three films have all been accepted for competition at the prestigious Clermont-Ferrand Festival and have screened at Sundance, London Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival and been broadcast on ABC, Rialto Channel and the BBC.

Recently released experimental short Mondo Nuovo emerged from McCullagh’s work with interactive software and is a study in symmetry. All the films are excellent school and university resources.

Shona McCullagh is a cross-platform artist focusing her time on creating interactive installations, filmmaking and choreographing for theatre, feature films, television and music videos. She also lectures in screendance and choreography at Unitec Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts.

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Human Garden Productions

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Written by

Shona McCullagh

19 Apr 2009