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Real life meets Second Life

Pier Giorgio Provenzano on virtual filmmaking, social attitudes, collaboration and freedom of expression.


Small-town boy Pier Giorgio Provenzano grew up in Pistoia, Italy. At University he realised mathematics wasn't his thing. Then he met multimedia artist Douglas Gayeton and his life changed forever.

He traveled with Gayeton to San Francisco and began a diverse career making music videos for Napster, a documentary for HBO and several animations for companies such as Warner Bros and Toyota.

In 2006 his work with Gayeton led him to make the first documentary shot in a virtual world. "Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey" became a 10 episode series and was screened on TV, video on demand, the internet and iTunes.

Pier Giorgio left the world of avatars and returned to Italy to begin the very real experience of working with disabled people at AIAS Pistoia, a branch of a national rehabilitation centre. There he has supported the people he works with to realise their creativity through films and other multimedia projects films.

Talking via Skype, Pier Giorgio reveals his surprising discovery about virtual filmmaking, the role of film in changing social attitudes, the importance of collaboration in the creative process and how, in his current role, he has been inspired by a freedom of expression unseen in the mainstream world.

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Written by

Diversityworks Trust

31 Oct 2009

Interests Creative Momentum aims to promote awareness of creative diversity. We want to know what creative diversity means to diverse creatives. We want to know what it means to you.