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Matariki (2010) - Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming Michael Bennet film "Matariki", due for theatrical release November 18th 2010


A moving, urgent and funny story about us – today, here, now.

Set over five days and nights, this fast paced drama is the story of lives brought into collision by one event. A rugby league star driving past a deserted carpark late at night sees a fight. He intervenes and gets bashed. When a young car thief nicks the man’s apparently abandoned car, he unwittingly starts a chain of events that will change his life and the lives of others, forever.

Starring an ensemble cast including Go-Girls‘ Alix Bushnell, Sara Wiseman and Sione’s Wedding‘s Iaheto Ah Hi, with a soundtrack by Don McGlashan featuring original tracks by Gin Wigmore, Bella Kalolo, and the Phoenix Foundation.

With kiwi films on a roll, director Michael Bennett’s first feature film offers international audiences an exciting and hopeful story about New Zealand today.

Shot entirely in South Auckland, Matariki debuts at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival and comes to our screens on November 18th.

Written by

Elephant Publicity

14 Oct 2010