Who says kiwi's cant fly?

Lumen's latest interactive creation.


The Kiwibank wall is a great example of a compelling user experience using OpenNI technology. The Kiwibank wall utilises hand and arm gestures and full body tracking, allowing multiple users to engage in a range of interactive activities - but this is only a taste of the technologies potential.
Gesture based interfaces that will be placed in a public area can be challenging to create as they need to cater for a wide range of users who will interact with the system in a variety of ways. You can also assume that the user will not read instructions so the system needs to be as intuitive as possible. This example uses sweeps and pushes to trigger events but the system can also understand complex gestures that are suited for interactions with elements such as maps and way-finding devices.
This system is totally scalable, from a single LCD display to a seamless interactive wall of any desired size.

Written by

Lumen digital

26 Jul 2011