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As already stated on the CHCH 220212 Behance project page.


Hello everyone It will soon be the beginning of the First anniversary of the 22nd February earthquake over in Christchurch, New Zealand and as mentioned in previous communications, the very clear singular aim of this project, is to continue to keep the focus on the ongoing efforts of the City, its organisations and very important its people, that outside of New Zealand there is a collective support internationally. Late yesterday as part of the raising awareness, we had my original article (this was edited down for the Idealog version in NZ, link also included again above) published online here in the UK through Creative Times.

The article covers the background of how this all came about, plus there is a link to my Behance profile page showing the visual depth the project is based on. We would also like to thank Phil Birchenall for his help and the support of Creative Times with our project As already stated on the CHCH 220212 Behance project page. "I would firstly like to acknowledge the support and thought development from Chris Flack, in the early stages of this project and his friends especially Mark Lincoln for his donation of images for the branding, and now Professor Jane Gregg, the Dean, Faculty of Creative industries at CPIT IN CHCH.

The main aim of this project is to continue raising awareness for the need to continue to support the people and creative industries in the city. This is not a one off, we will producing materials and the means to become involved in the coming months, so please pass this link on through your own connections, if you can this will be very much appreciated."

Please feel free to have a look, and also again if you can send this on through your own networks this will as stated be very much appreciated. Also if you would like to get involved or know a company who would be interested in donating time and some resources, please ask them to reply to me directly on

For the moment thank you in advance for taking the time to read this e-mail. Kind regards. Peter.

Peter Godkin MA, MCSD, MDINZ.

Master of Arts in Communication Design.

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Peter Godkin

22 Feb 2012

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