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Curator of 2013 NARRACJE Festival, Gdansk, Poland

Alexandra Guillot, Silencio 2009; performance photo courtesy of the artist
Ines Tartler, Auto Garage 2004, installed outside Oona Gallery, Auguststrasse, Berlin; photo courtesy of the artist
Rachael Rakena, Kaore te aroha... (endless is the love...) 2009, video still; courtesy of the artist
Rob Garrett has been selected to curate the "NARRACJE – Installations and Interventions in Public Space" taking place 14-17 November 2013 in Gdansk.


Rob Garrett has been selected to curate the "NARRACJE – Installations and Interventions in Public Space" taking place 14-17 November 2013 in Gdansk.

Rob Garrett’s curatorial concept entitled Unearthing Delights refers to the act of exploration of the historical context of the Long Gardens – a part of the city where the next year’s NARRACJE Festival is going to take place and which – until 19th century – hosted a large marketplace and, as the name indicates, long narrow gardens.

The list of artists invited by the curator includes among others: Anna Nordquist Andersson (Sweden), Gregory Bennett (New Zealand), Olga Chernysheva (Russia), Cécile B. Evans (BE/US), Alexandra Guillot (France), Rebecca Ann Hobbs (New Zealand), Anastasia Klose (AU), Juliette Laird (New Zealand), Rachael Rakena (New Zealand), Judy Rifka (US), Daniel von Sturmer (Australia), Ines Tartler (Germany), Raewyn Turner (New Zealand), Where Dogs Run (Russia).

The results of the open call for the curator of the 5th. edition of NARRACJE Festival were announced on 28.11.2012 by the jury consisting of:

Steven Matijcio – curator of the 4. edition of NARRACJE Festival
Gabriela Switek – curator, Zacheta Gallery
Julita Wójcik – artist Iwona Bigos – Director of the Gdansk City Gallery
Natalia Cyrzan – City Culture Institute

Steven Matijcio, the jury member and the curator of NARRACJE 2012 about the verdict:

New Zealand based curator and arts impresario Rob Garrett demonstrates impressive passion, creativity, research and innovation in his winning proposal for the 5th edition of the Narracje Festival: Unearthing Delights. Mr. Garrett strongly considered the site’s history as a former garden and marketplace, as well as a current hybrid between evocative ruins and nascent neighborhoods - crafting a vision that is both comprehensive and unconventional. Moreover, he showed abundant passion for the city of Gdansk and the opportunity to connect with its architectural, cultural and social histories. Mr. Garrett has an extensive background in the organization of large scale public art projects, and an expansive network of artists and artworks from which to draw. His fundamental excitement for Narracje is matched only by his well-developed abilities, and I am confident that Unearthing Delights will bring a delightfully surreal lens to reconsider the lost gardens of Gdansk.

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Written by

Rob Garrett

1 Dec 2012