Amanda Tomasoa Chosen for the London based Debut Contemporary Art Scheme

LA and London, here I come ready or not!


Amanda Tomasoa Chosen for the London based Debut Contemporary Art Scheme

Auckland CITY, NZ – January 24, 2013/ – Asian Kiwi Artist Amanda Tomasoa had her first art exhibition at a London gallery on Dec 5, 2012 at a private viewing in Notting Hill. Showing among award winning artists and future Damian Hirsts and Tracy Emins of tomorrow, Tomasoa will fly to London sometime in February to attend workshops and to meet with serious art collectors. The dynamite duo; Samir Cedric and Zoe Knight, well known for their trail blazing scheme of helping artists become business savvy people, are the founders of this hip gallery. Out of thousands that apply, Tomasoa is one of 50 exciting artists chosen for the debut scheme.

Amanda Tomasoa lives and creates her art in Auckland City and has been an artist there and abroad for more than 15 years. She has her online presence at the Saatchi Online gallery and as Amandat Tamatzui. For the past five and a half years, Tomasoa has been working hard in a Bunnings Warehouse, a hardware store, and putting her art making on hiatus. There are some ideas coming through though that came out of fruition of her time spent at work; combining hardware with her creativity, her future works will surprise some people.

Thanks to a supportive client , she was introduced to Debut and applied for the mentorship successfully. Now inspired, Tomasoa has started creating her works again and hope to be established as an International Artist by the end of the year.

I will have to put away power tools and pick up my paint brushes again to create more new art works so I can keep the momentum going. I am grateful to have been chosen to work with a great team of influential Londoners and I can’t wait to meet with them. It is nice to be recognized as being an up and coming International artist.”

The Debut Contemporary Art Gallery is located at 82 Westbourne Grive, Notting Hill, London W2 5RT. They are open Mon- Sat from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM – Tel. +44(0) 20 7221 1651

About Artist Amanda Tomasoa:

Amanda Tomasoa has gone through enough in life to know how it feels to be repressed and the euphoria of being set free. Having been through battle torn worlds, near death experiences while living on a ship travelling for two years from Singapore, through to New Zealand; she wants to shout to the world that despite the difficulty of life, we can all find the inner strength to carry on, and although there is a lot of ugliness among us, beauty can be found if we look hard enough.

Among her professional artist tools, Tomasoa enjoys using a humble piece of plastic scraper to add that extra dimension of paint to her art pieces. Beyond delivering delicate romantic works, she enjoys most those works that are born out of difficult challenges... like the years when road works were undertaken all over Auckland city and right in front of her home.

Bold in colours, rough and rugged in shapes, deliberately presented to resemble life, she embeds stories into the pieces... hidden figures of people living in the city, road signs depicting the speed limit, detours, frustrations, confusion, the respite and the beauty  despite what life throws at us.

Colours burst forth blatantly fighting against the mundaneness that sometimes creeps in to our everyday lives. Tomasoa uses colours that brightens up a space to remind us life is to be lived. Stand up world... you need not be invisible!  

Tomasoa’s artwork is hung in various homes and offices in Europe, Asia and the Pacific including a hupcap art represented in the collection of Landfillart in the USA.

You can find her art at: , and can be reached at:

Written by

Amanda Tomasoa

24 Jan 2013