Creative Nut on a Mission

Don't want to be an ostrich!


Amanda Tomasoa believes that we can always help one person if not the whole world. Rather than putting her head in the ground like an ostrich she prefers to be awake and know what is going on. Through her art, Amanda wishes to share the story of those who needs a helping hand and to challenge those who have to help those who have not.

Like her latest art for example, Explore, `free them’, Amanda was inspired by her visit India back in 1987 – 1988 and later on in years, the stories of the ex-prostitutes of Calcutta now making a living sewing jute bags instead of selling themselves. It took her a few years to finish this piece of work as the subject itself was sensitive enough.

In the art piece, you can see the wheel of a sewing machine, a hand sewn bit where the canvas tore apart and what looks like torn pair of jeans being sewn back. Houses cramped close together like what you may see in India and messages to love India. Of course there are rich and beautiful parts of India but Amanda chose to bring the story of her sistas in the slum areas to remind us in the western world to make an effort in helping them there.

Putting aside $ 35 a month and making sure the money go to programs like will make a great difference to the people they help.

Amanda Started her art career while living in Indonesia in 1995 and restarted in New Zealand when she came over to live with her family. Now as an exhibited artist, an International artist showing in London, LA and in the virtual world of Second Life, Amanda is ever more determined to bridge the gap between those who can help and those who needs help.


Written by

Amanda Tomasoa

24 Jan 2013