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Gregory Bennett, “Apokalypolis I” (2013), Gdansk, Poland

Gregory Bennett, Apokalypolis I, 2013, Gdansk; photo by Rob Garrett
Gregory Bennett's “Apokalypolis I” (2013) 10-minute HD video work was commissioned for "Narracje 5" by Rob Garrett in Gdansk, Poland


Gregory Bennett's “Apokalypolis I” (2013) is a 10-minute site-specific HD video and audio work commissioned for "Narracje 5" a public art festival in Gdansk, Poland; curated by Rob Garrett.

“Apokalypolis I” continues my exploration of intricately constructed virtual worlds populated by multitudes of de-individualized moving figures trapped in a form of uncanny life; bodies enacting a series of seemingly endless cryptic cyclic rituals, existing in a marginal state, neither dead or undead.

This work, conceived for projection onto an existing architectural setting, serves as a staging ground for a variety of both passive and active interactions between the figures and their often unstable or rapidly metamorphosing geographic and architectural settings. This is a world in constant flux, where time and space are ambiguous factors, and where elements are in state of persistent ‘becoming’, a state of both revealing and retreating.

3D animation software is utilized to order to realize these works, drawing on a range of representational traditions and influences from both art historical, moving image and popular culture sources where the multiplied body forms the primary subject.[Gregory Bennett]

Bennett’s animations use the synchronised movements of human forms en masse, running, stepping, bending, to create something akin to a corporeal architecture that is in perpetual flux. While they move over and around both utopian and dystopian built forms, the figures’ similarities of form, colour and gesture seem to constitute a structure all of its own which transforms space.

When this mass moves it does so as if with one mind, but it is not an automaton, it is a networked mind. They are colony-like; moving as individuals but seeming to share common purposes.

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Written by

Rob Garrett

2 Jan 2015