INCENDO - Wulfried O. Hengstenberg - Painter and Sculptor

INCENDO A Portrait of Wulfried O. Hengstenberg
Wulfried O. Hengstenberg talking about his art
The documentary will feature the lice and art work of Wulfried O. Hengstenberg


Behind the heavy wooden gate of the old Blacksmiths another world begins. Wulfried's World. His workshop is his refuge, in 35 years the studio has grown alongside the artist to become a treasure trove filled with wondrous objects, steles, sculptures, paintings, tools, steel plates, and scrap metal. For Wulfried the raw materials might someday become pieces of art, maybe even in this lifetime. The sounds of the nearby trains hurtling past and the hard hitting blows of the blacksmith's hammer provide the rhythm by which Wulfried paces his life.
A monumental work of 7 reliefs based on the story of creation in Genesis is still to be completed. Each one is over one metre wide and more than two metres high.
Even though there are no potential art buyers at the moment, Wulfried is determined to finish the project.

Wulfried's world is vulnerable. At 74 years old, he has already defeated cancer once. How long will he be able to continue the heavy physical work? The workshop's new tenant is more interested in money than in art. However, there are still many who are interested in Wulfried's work even though they have no money. Many former collectors and sponsors have since passed away. Wulfried fights against future uncertainties with discipline, relentless creativity and artistic expression. He still manages to retain his Bavarian-Berlin sense of humour, a creative and headstrong person who wants to go on building on his life's works. Even with his unrelenting passion to keep on, he longs to let go, to escape. His drive to pass something onto others drove him to convert a part of an old mill on his property in Italy into a workshop. Here, even in recreation he works on, creating and nourishing his passion for art.

Status: Work in Progress

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3 Aug 2010

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