imagistic play with the language of a face


the eyes looked with equal regard.
the smile knew to whom it belonged.
the nose loved to slope like the fresh-fallen snow.
the sinuses inside made a rorschach of light-filled cavities 
filled with the aroma of rose.

the eyebrows pondered gentle distinctions.
the eyelashes surfed on the wind.
the teeth took their place in white ranks four apace.
the tongue breathed and swum under the palatial roof hung
with ribbons of rouge-coloured banners.

the cheekbones were hands holding clay.
the temple touched soft clouds within.
the brow fell like cotton-cloth hung for a movie.
the eyeballs now knew they were orphans and only-childs
but for each other adopted at birth.

the ears whispered secrets in shells.
the hairline drew a scribble of mane.
the jawline swooped down to the rock-rolling sea.
the windpipe was a sand-dune sculpted at the base of the edifice
face of a pharoah under the moon.

Written by

Tony French

25 Feb 2013