modern perspective, embrace change, culteral embrace, perspective
Showcase / Ashley Thompson
The basic concept is to embrace changes in humanity that allow all ethnicites to live in peace together, paving foundation for the future generations
Ashley Thompson
Showcase / Ashley Thompson
This work represents the Christchurch earthquakes, how poor design builds coupled with lack of support in funding were forced to collide.
Ashley Thompson
Showcase / Ashley Thompson
The modern day visual analogy of the symbiotic relationships that play a culterally significant role to Mt Manganui. Economically & spiritually.
Ashley Thompson
Showcase / Eachen Chen
Illustrations created for the japanese art festival exhibition
Eachen Chen
Showcase / Eachen Chen
Digital paintings based on google street views
Eachen Chen
Showcase / Emma-Jane McIntosh
Vector illustration 6x4" postcard
Emma-Jane McIntosh
Mugu Sketch
Showcase / Sebastian Blue Newton
Comic / Illustration Work Preferred
Sebastian Blue Newton
Amy Winehouse Illustration
Showcase / Savannah MacIntosh
Tradition ink with digital colour.
Savannah MacIntosh
Showcase / jasonu
illustration of a snowboarder mid-jump. indian ink outline, compiled in illustrator.
Clutha River Map
Showcase / Tracy Porter
Illustration work for universities
Tracy Porter