Showcase / Creative Software Training
An illustration for a poster on comics. Drawn straight into photoshop using a wacom graphic tablet...
Creative Software Training
Showcase / Eric Hiakita Cresswell
The second piece in my series called "Free"
Eric Hiakita Cresswell
Showcase / jasonu
bmx illustration
Showcase / luca Bempensante
Illustration of Mahuika, maori goddess of fire, for Taiki-E, free magazine published by HUIA
luca Bempensante
Showcase / paulicia
Portrait cartoon
Showcase / Savannah MacIntosh
Portrait drawn and inked traditionally, coloured digitally.
Savannah MacIntosh
Showcase / Terry mahy
A2 hand inked drawing, digitally coloured.
Terry mahy
Showcase / The Ghost and Robot
illustration of one of my characters using illustrator
The Ghost and Robot
Miss Muffet (Belladonna) (Panel 1)
Showcase / Dre Murray
4 panels Acrylic & bitumen paint on canvas
Dre Murray
Showcase / Rankko