Showcase / Steve Halton
Wall art capturing the colours of new growth in spring
Steve Halton
MAD Harakeke Desire Journal
Showcase / M.A.D. Maori Art Design
Celebrating New Zealand's heritage, indigenous and contemporary art + design
M.A.D. Maori Art Design
Showcase / Colin Verner
Hand carved, wall mounted relief sculpture.
Colin Verner
Showcase / Debbie Tipuna
Lunch and Shoes
Debbie Tipuna
painted wood maori design
Showcase / Debbie Tipuna
Painted, blooming kowhaiwhai on wooden sticks
Debbie Tipuna
weaving textile bone carving
Showcase / Debbie Tipuna
Precious Items to be passed on
Debbie Tipuna
piu piu textile
Showcase / Debbie Tipuna
A cultural blend - blanket into piu piu.
Debbie Tipuna
Showcase / Debbie Tipuna
O for Awesome
Debbie Tipuna
Showcase / Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki
"Enriching lives through meaningful content"
Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki
Portly Pots by Stephen Bailey Ceramics
Showcase / Stephen Bailey
Wheel thrown stoneware, glazed and fired to 1295 degrees (electric kiln)
Stephen Bailey