Showcase / sherilyn bury vilela
Garden in magnification
sherilyn bury vilela
Custom Preserving Labels
Showcase /
Custom Kitchen Label examples
Showcase / verschnaetti
Abstract on recycled decks
almost a silk purse
Showcase / Margaret Lewis
Re-conceived by Margaret Lewis, this chair may have delusions of grandeur
Margaret Lewis
Showcase / Sarah M.
Driftwood dragon
Sarah M.
Showcase / James Rawlinson
Tortoiseshell Stg Ring
James Rawlinson
Showcase / Sarah M.
Blue dragon doll
Sarah M.
Showcase / Sarah M.
Leather dragon mask
Sarah M.
Showcase / Sarah M.
Wolf monster doll
Sarah M.
Mike Marsh E.T. Cermamic Object
Showcase / Mike Marsh aka veryveryblazing
Objects of varying origins
Mike Marsh aka veryveryblazing