The Warriors. Mixed hand crafted textiles and glazed ceramics.
Showcase / Sophie Gardiner
Sculpture/Wall Hanging, two hand crafted dolls, mixed textiles (hand painted) and glazed ceramics
Sophie Gardiner
Canta Clay - One pot, One shot. 4th February - 25th February 2015
Showcase / Form Gallery
“Canta Clay -- One pot, One shot” is a vibrant exhibition of ceramic artists from the Canterbury region, and opens on the 4th of February at 5.30pm
Form Gallery
Showcase / Nicole Serjeant
‘Entrails’ takes you on a thought provoking journey that explores time, motion and escapism. It aims to engage the viewer through the familiarity of o
Nicole Serjeant
Showcase / verschnaetti
last piece of the quadruplication series
work in progress for 'the street loves nana'
Showcase / Margaret Lewis
What would nana think? A fence of street art- embroidered - by a cast of hundreds.
Margaret Lewis
The Lost World, Luna Park. Edge City.
Showcase / Edge City
The Lost World, Luna Park. In the window at Edge City.
Edge City
Therapeutic Colouring book: for Adults
Showcase / Aldona Design
Colouring Books For Adults And Kids
Aldona Design
Never ending Lies
Showcase / verschnaetti
colourful multi media art object
Unique Designer Furniture
Showcase / Rick Rubens Recreations
Mahogany Entertainment Cabinet
Rick Rubens Recreations
Unique Designer Furniture
Showcase / Rick Rubens Recreations
Industrial Chic Dining Table
Rick Rubens Recreations