"Angus Bull" 2016, Graphite on Watercolour Paper with polychromo pencils, 70cm x 90cm, $2500.00.
Showcase / Tammie Riddle
New Zealand Angus Bull
Tammie Riddle
sorry for the rubbish photo
Showcase / Debbie Tipuna
'Dory' for short
Debbie Tipuna
Close up
Showcase / Debbie Tipuna
A depiction of the sensible day job.
Debbie Tipuna
Showcase / Tracey Lee Cassin
Selected artwork and special Merit award - 'Dwellings'.
Tracey Lee Cassin
Showcase / Alex Efimoff
Still life photograph
Alex Efimoff
Showcase / Alex Efimoff
Portrait o Eli
Alex Efimoff
Showcase / Alex Efimoff
Fashion shot of Anna
Alex Efimoff
Ode to the Birch
Showcase / Micheline Robinson
An ode to the felling of healthy trees
Micheline Robinson
Showcase / Tivoli
Sue Soo (1926 - 2016) is one of New Zealand's acclaimed so-called 'outsider' artists with a substantial art world following. Sue's magical world is one of joyful dancers, animals and birds.
Kingfisher Tiltbrush pic
Showcase / Peter Shearer
Virtual Reality - Created lit and photographed in Tiltbrush then finished in Photoshop.
Peter Shearer