stop the war

closet war,
war, you know when you try to stop a war but you can't hang your painting to stop it



women holding a bluing baby in her arms twisted with anger, fear loss,

on mt board recycled, recycled paints, frame and coat hanger, initially done in the bush era this was recently completed by adding the coat hanger, For the alternative thing i was going to enter into the wallice,

ironically the peice of rubbish was a market stall, work home and income.

doug ford

Technical Information: 

acrylic, board, recyled materials

Purchase Details: 

its priceless, so $1000 bucks should do it.

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Written by

Doug Ford

14 Oct 2009

Interests coffe and cigerettes A painter and visualist, Mural Canvas and often anything that has a paintable surface. Art is my soul food, it keeps me going.