Diamond of Clubs

Is it red or is it black? An old gambling trick.


This is my first card art I will show you. I have done a lot of card art, but this is my first one that I have put up.


Black and white photo of cards. It is an old gambling kind of thing. A gambling trick. I like the look of it, but not the idea because I am not a cheater!


It is black and white because it is an old trick.

Technical Information: 

All I needed was two pieces of card and scissors. A line through one and a square through the other.

Then I took a photo and I liked the look of it in black and white.



Purchase Details: 

Email me if you want my art or a photo of it!

Written by

Kaspar Robinson

29 May 2010

Interests I am 10. I've always wanted to be a photographer and now this is my chance to be an artist AND photographer. The feeling of the art makes me want to do it. I do worm farming, I go to clown school and I have an annoying little brother, he cries.