Loose Link - Random Proportions

Loose Link - Random Proportions
Debut Album - Free Download


Hello everyone,

Recently I have finished my very first album, and have released it for free through a net label. It's called "Random Proportions", 12 tracks all mixed together to form a 57 minute almost continuous mix:

"Debut release from Loose Link, a sound collage artist from New Zealand. Random
Proportions is a collection of hip-hop breaks, cut'n'paste samples, audio collages
and unconnected sounds connected. Instead of pasting together samples and loops
into pop songs, a la The Avalanches and RJD2, Loose Link arranges them into thick,
layered soundscapes, morphing voices, beats and orchestras into a blanket of
comforting chaos which owes as much to ambient as it does hip-hop and breakbeat.
Random Proportions features input from Second Thought and Shinning Dove."

01. Hey Hey You Hey
02. Nanolightning
03. I Remember Many Things
04. Ghost Protocol
05. Unanswered
06. Supercollider
07. Kisp
08. Don't Wanna Die
09. Glitchy Mist
10. The Unexplainable
11. Random Proportions
12. Elution

Click or copy/paste link to download:


Criticism and feedback welcomed, honesty helps growth.


Technical Information: 

12 tracks, 57 mintues long, ambient dub, breakbeat, electro, techno


Purchase Details: 

Free to download

Written by

Craig Gillman

19 Dec 2010