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3D Poster Art


It may not look like much but this is the most complex 3D Art I've ever done because I built this 3D Model from scratch myself.

It is a full blown 3D Model that can be photographed (rendered) from any angle and any distance with any lighting and different textures and added to any scenes. Any 3D text can be added.

It is not completed... hit hardware limits. It is the most hardware intensive model I own.

This is very low resolution, low quality example of a full size 3D model.

Originally built for use in movies because I didn't think any of the 3D Models currently in use looked authentic enough.

When I get some decent hardware I'll finish it.

Technical Information: 

Kills computers.... because of the processing power needed to calculate all the lighting, shadows etc of every single leaf and it is a very high polygon model that the graphic uploaded does not do justice at all.

My hardware can't render this model at anything but the lowest settings and even then it crashes 4 out of 5 attempts.

7 gigs RAM

rendered in Lightwave

Purchase Details: 

I own the original 3D Mesh 100% and it is available as a prop for CGI in movies or as poster art in various forms by negotiation. I am also working on other versions.

Because I built it myself it can be altered to any design to fit a client's requirements.

Written by

Peter Davy

5 Oct 2011

Interests I'm 52 years old and completely crazy. I live with my partner who is dying of Multiple Sclerosis and I am her fulltime caregiver. I am a self taught Graphic Artist and Animator.Personal Description