JUNGLE BUNGLE 21 (c)2012

Richie Grounsell
AWARD WINNING totally hand played percussion track ..


LOOK NO FURTHER !!  this AWARD WINNING totally hand played percussion track could be exactly what your after, as a film score , a dance score,or for use on tv or in the theatre

on this track i play 6 and 7 inch bongos , a tambourine and a moonblock .. the bass drum notes i played on a detuned quinto

this is a reluctant sale on my part

p.s .. a very freindly and respectfull reminder that this track and any part of is the property of world records nz and all local and international copy right laws apply 

this track WILL save you lots of MONEY .. you will have something TOTALLY UNIQUE and you will be supporting NZ music

Technical Information: 

format ... mp3

duration .. 3:40

Purchase Details: 

please contact Richie Grounsell at ... worldrecordsnz@yahoo.com

or feel free to call me on   09 434 7808

Written by

Richie Grounsell

21 Mar 2012