Changels: Serendipity

Changels: Serendipity
A huge new New Zealand paranormal YA adventure is on its way.


There are many teenagers in the world whose biggest problems are friends, family and funds. Fourteen year-old Sam Kahu isn't one of them.
His family was split when he was four by a brutal murder, his friends are all missing following a mysterious fire, yet he seems reluctant to seek help. Not surprisingly the Police want to know what's happened to the twenty people who used to live in the old mansion on remote Aotea Island before it burned to the ground.
But Sam is the last guardian of an enormous secret and he isn't going to tell it to anyone. It's only when he discovers that to help himself he needs to help detective Sue Williams that he invites her into his past - a past with five other teens just like him. All minorities damaged by crime or politics and pursued to the ends of the Earth. All with the strange knack of knowing things they shouldn't. All able to see dead people.
Sue's terrifying discovery as she picks over Sam's memories and the old mansion is that Sam isn't mad, isn't lying and isn't safe. His enemies are far more dangerous than she could possibly imagine, and his world, when Sam reveals the discoveries they made at the mansion, stranger than she might have ever dreamt.
Book One of a Trilogy
510 pages
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63 page 6x9" format PDF

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Written by

Peter King

9 Nov 2012

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