Chaoslab Debut Album - Nemorosa Fungos

Nemorosa Fungos - Chaoslab
Chaoslab debut album Nemorosa Fungos. Electronica 8BitStep Ambient with additional grooves & beats. Music for visualising, relaxing & making art too.


Chaoslab Debut Album - Nemorosa Fungos

Music for relaxtion, meditation, visualisation and making art.  8BitStep ambient with additional groove and beats. Fractals, fun, some chaos and the class of 88.  Enjoy.

Technical Information: 

12 Tracks with 80 minutes of music

Purchase Details: 

Nemorosa Fungos can be purchased from Bandcamp.

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4 Dec 2012

Interests Chaoslab Electronic Musician, VJ, Video Artist, Game Developer and Fractal Enthusiast. Personal Description Software - ChaoslabVJ: Real-time HD VJing Application with Fractals and Video. Chaoslab - Electronic Musician