One Hundred & Thirty

Red & 21 Dots, 2012
Lure, 2012
One Hundred & Thirty (installation view)
Split Tone, 2012
One Hundred & Thirty (installation view)
Black Belt, 2012
Series of works from 'One Hundred & Thirty' 2012


Observation of space:

130 St Georges Bay Road is an unassuming industrial warehouse constructed from various materials.  A slatted window at the top of building is always open, allowing for wind and air to come in at all times. It is not fully contained and not completely closed. 

Technical Information: 

List of materials:

Locally found denailed timber, screws, locally found malthoid, pencil, rubbing, denailed nails, wall paint, giftwrap, cut, brass rod, Indian edible silver foil, heat, variable wind, American playing dice, wall paint, soften corners, American giftbag, found timber, charcoal, wall paint.

Written by

Clinton Richards

17 Dec 2012

Interests Artist Statement: For me, art making is derived from a tactile experience of the ‘everyday’. This means instantaneous, experimental, and body proportional works are privileged. I want the viewer to think differently about materials, space, and functionality.