Commissioned Painting of Santa Monica

Ferris wheel lights glowing in the dark


A commissioned painting in oils. The customer wanted a painting that reflected his time in America. A place that was very special to him was Santa Monica. I started with a warm sunset glow, which set the colours for the rest of the painting. Red, blue, white and gold. The sky is smooth, while texture and shine is added to the sea- it looks good enough to wade through! A soft glow is added to the lights (I felt like I was turning all the lights on!) Lastly, fine gold glitter was carefully added to the Ferris wheel, lights, and a little on the water. The painting is absolutely amazing when the light changes. Sometimes you can see all the glitter and shine, and other times you can just see the dark sky and glow of the lights. The customer was over the moon, and I'm quite proud of this painting!

Technical Information: 

Oil on large canvas

Written by

Lucy Bowen

5 Feb 2013