Kai Moana

Kai Moana
Kai Moana
Oil on canvas, A Kite filled with treasures from the sea


I lived in China for a few years.

I loved China, but I missed New Zealand. We really don't know what we have sometimes.

I missed Aotearoa and all it holds so much that I purchased many canvases, oil paints and brushes, and started painting. I needed something to remind me what we have in NZ.

I sketched many ideas, many... and came up with this. Kai Moana. Not everyone in the world can go down the road to meet pristine waters and catch something fresh for dinner. In that respect, we are lucky. I hope the next generation still has the opportunity to do this too.

Kai Moana reflects New Zealand treasures and our culture.

Technical Information: 

Oil on canvas, 50cm x 60cm

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Written by

Lucy Bowen

5 Feb 2013