Miss Muffet (Belladonna)

Miss Muffet (Belladonna) (Panel 1)
Miss Muffet (Belladonna) (Panel 2)
Miss Muffet (Belladonna) (panel 3)
Miss Muffet (Belladonna) (Panel 4)
4 panels Acrylic & bitumen paint on canvas


Taking a familiar theme of a nursery rhyme & placing it in a post-apocalyptic setting. This has taken on a life of it's own spawning a world called Dollpocalypse. This project (2006 - 2013) consisted of 4 canvas panel started in 2006, after consideration I revisited the paintings & gave them a facelift.

Technical Information: 

4 x 500mm x 700mm Canvas Panels, Acrylic Paint & Bitumen Paint

Written by

Dre Murray

27 Aug 2013

Interests Dre Murray is a multi-media artist who uses illustration, installation, poetry, story writing & doll making to breathe life into her various characters & their habitats. Dre is primarily concentrating on character development of a little girl doll (or