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The Aphro Collection

The Aphro Collection
The Aphro Collection
The Aphro Collection
'Snakes' is one piece from my exhibition, 'The Aphro Collection', showing at the Uxbridge Arts Centre in Howick, till Nov 6.


I Have installed my first ever exhibition at the Uxbridge Arts Centre in Howick and invite anyone to come along and view some original 'finger-knitted, crafted wolen art sculptures. This exhibition is an evolution of a play I wrote and directed for the 2011 Auckland Fringe Festival called 'Man Bits', which was basically about a 'Men's Knitting Group'. The works are unique originals and I encourage all art lovers to get along to Uxbridge and check them out. They are displayed in a new and unique 'Glasshouse Space'. I hope all art lovers will enjoy viewing my new works and would love to receive any feedback, or even commissions. Sir James Wallace, of the Wallace Arts Collection was instrumental in me creating this installation and purchased two pieces which will forever reside in the National Wallace Arts Collection and (time unknown) will be displayed at The Pah Homestead. Thanks and enjoy! The work titled 'Snakes' is made to bend and lets the purchaser sculpt their own sculpture. This is just one possible shape, formed for the cover photo.

Technical Information: 

The works are made using the craft of 'finger-knitting' and materials include wool, wire, cotton, string, knitting needles,rope, wood, pins, nuts and bolts.

Purchase Details: 

Prices are displayed with the works and I am open to commissions as well.

Written by

Rohan Mouldey

10 Oct 2013