50's lounger

Tennis anyone? Mint julep? Iced tea?


Tennis anyone? Mint julep? Iced tea?

Based on 50's lingerie these are perfect shorts for tennis, lounging - wherever the desire to travel [and summer] takes you - using PI inspired fabrics.


Technical Information: 

Shorts | NZ size 10, cotton/poly mix | Cost $80

Available in a mix of prints and sizes from NZ 8 to 14

Thanks Anisha Sankar [model], Menilik Henry Dyer [photographer] - taken on the Ironbank roof

Purchase Details: 

Contact me through my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DML.where.craft.meets.couture

Written by

Margaret Lewis

29 Oct 2013

A bit about me ... maker, conceiver and producer at the leading edge of urban art practice.