Pacific Allsorts - Pacific inspired bespoke furniture

Coffee table, Sideboard, Sidetable
Pacific Allsorts Objectspace Exhibition 2011
Pacific Allsorts 'Whole in the Heart' Exhibition 2012
Pacific Allsorts materials - MDF, Hard Board, Pine, laminate, Aluminium


These three pieces of designer Furniture are complete one-offs and have not been replicated in any form. They were created with the aid of Creative New Zealand and have been exhibited throughout the country, showcased in Urbis magazine and have been kept in storage retaining their original quality. Please read on for further details about their background and the artist.

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Pacific Allsorts

Kennedy Brown 2011

Courtesy of the Artist

The three pieces of furniture in Kennedy Brown’s Pacific Allsorts installation continue Brown’s exploration of the relationship between the traditional and modern in New Zealand furniture design. This most recent investigation, created for Objectspace, focuses on the blending of traditional Pacific construction methods with contemporary furniture design. Kennedy states, “Through materials, process, function and form, I endeavour to express my pacific homeland, Aotearoa. Merging elements and ideas of old and new, traditional and modern, together with the application of machine and craft, I aim to create objects of originality and beauty.” The Pacific Allsorts range contains a Sideboard, Side Table, and a Coffee Table, constructed using three major elements. A geometric laminated MDF/hardboard form creates the industrial core of the design. The sustainable organic pine legs add a second craft component. The third and crucial element is the aluminium bracket that operates as a modern translation of a form of lashing familiar in Maori and Pacific construction. Brown explains, “This simple solution successfully binds the legs tight up against the planar edges and sides, retaining its reminiscent inspiration – pacific born structures such as outriggers, sea vessels, huts and storehouses.” The Sideboard’s proportions and tall legs are inspired by a pacific outrigger, a type of canoe featuring a lateral support float which is lashed to the main hull in order to increase the vessel’s stability on water. The Side Table’s dimensions and square body are reminiscent of storehouses found throughout Polynesia which were raised off the ground to impede the entry of rats. All three pieces constructed with accessible and readily available materials are boldly coloured in a ‘Pasifika’ palette, giving the pieces a playful vibrancy that evokes the confectionary that the title alludes to. Brown’s Pacific Allsorts also mix incongruent materials and cultural signifiers to create a new hybrid form of furniture. He states, “This harmony of elements and ideas should successfully but subtly create a sense of unity between the multi-cultural New Zealander and the earlier indigenous people, giving respect to each other but working together to create an entirely unique and relevant aesthetic for Aotearoa.”

Kennedy Brown is an established New Zealand furniture designer. He was a member of Cicada Studios before establishing his independent studio in Auckland. Brown has exhibited nationally and internationally, including in the New Zealand Room at the 2009 Venice Biennale. Most recently his work was included in Furnish – Ten Top NZ Furniture Designers at The Dowse Art Museum.

Rebecca Kunin August 2011

Technical Information: 

Pacific Allsorts New Zealand Designer Furniture - one offs

materials: MDF, Hardboard, pine, laminate, Aluminium


Coffee table - 1030L x 700w x 310h

Sidetable - 400L x 500w x 550h

Sideboard - 1300L x 365w x 900h

Written by

Kennedy Brown

10 Jan 2013

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