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The Warriors

The Warriors. Mixed hand crafted textiles and glazed ceramics.
Sculpture/Wall Hanging, two hand crafted dolls, mixed textiles (hand painted) and glazed ceramics


The Warriors, defenders and protectors. Two hand crafted merpeople, made from hand woven, painted and stitched textiles, ceramic and glazed faces. Displayed on a hand painted and stitched wall hanging.

Technical Information: 

1 x 1 M (approx), mixed textiles, glazed ceramics.

Purchase Details: 

Please contact me for further information.

Written by

Sophie Gardiner

14 Feb 2015

Interests Mixed media artist. I paint, create textile art and ceramics, often I combine these elements together. I often experiment with unusual materials such as makeup, real money and environmental unfriendly waste products such as scrap metal, oil and plastics.