once I counted birds

One minute film to save the world; film for Copenhagen Climate Summit, Dec 09


This new film was created in 2009. It was entered into the 1minutetosavetheworld Climate Change Film Festival Nov 09

Rising sea levels, birds and forests on the other side of the world - all our actions are connected. Artist/amateur film maker, Cathy Fitzgerald, has a background in science and fine art.

This new film incorporates old footage taken by Cathy on a biodiversity research trip to Suwarrow; a remote, un-peopled atoll in the Cook Islands, South Pacific, in 2000. Suwarrow is an important breeding place for seabirds of all types including the rare and very large Masked Booby; her and fellow scientist Rhys Jones collected data was later published in the NZ Forest and Bird Journal 2001 and the project was a jointly sponsored UN and Cook Island project. While the trip may look idyllic, Cathy almost drowned when the yacht she and her colleague hitched a lift with was hit by a freak wave. Her new digital camcorder was destroyed but her old Hi8 survived to take this footage.

Many years later, Cathy is now actively involved in promoting ecological, permanent forestry in her small woodlands in Ireland; she blogs and creates works about converting her 20 year old spruce plantation to a permanent forest using Pro Silva, close to nature, forestry methods. She believes that small local ecologically based actions can have a positive effect globally and personally.

**Thanks to Dan Berridge/Broadway Project for the use of his music in this film.

Technical Information: 

old footage from Hi8 camera - filmed in 2000, forest shots in 2009

Written by

Cathy Fitzgerald

16 Feb 2010

Interests art and ecology methodology, art and ecology practice via forestPersonal Description Hi,