2d Animation Showreel 2006 - 2009

A collection of clips I have animated traditionally in the past 3 years.


My showreel of hand drawn animation from the past 3 years. Full colour shots and rough pencil tests.

Music: 'Sweet Georgia Brown' by Latché Swing

All the content in this video is hand drawn, with paper and pencil (the traditional way) and then Cleaned Up, Coloured in the computer and composited together into a final shot. This was all done by me, not sent off to be completed by somebody else.

For more information on the process or for job enquiries please feel free to send me a message or visit my blog.


Technical Information: 

Hand drawn, pencil on paper.

Cleaned Up either digitally or traditionally, coloured and composited in the computer.

Written by

Jeff Cook

22 Nov 2009

Interests Hey, I'm a traditional animator, I am part Kiwi, part Filipino and based in Auckland. I studied character animation at Freelance Animation School and now I'm working on some hand drawn animation projects of my own.