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Vibracorp's Fluxus Funhouse - Splore Festival 2012

Interactive art happening held at the Portavilion stage at Splore Festival 2012, Tapapakanga Regional Park, New Zealand.


Participants of the Funhouse were asked to walk blindfolded over a texture maze, swim through an underwater world, partner up for a slow-motion tango, make one giant human discoball, and bust out some robot dance moves.

The happening had five instructions, over one hundred participants, lasted for 20 minutes, and made a lot of mess!

With thanks to the team of mimes (especially Sarah Finnigan-Walsh) who guided the audience and worked for months to bring the project together.

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The Portavilion project was a collaboration between Cut Collective (, Up Projects ( and Splore Festival ( Read more about the Portavilion here:

Technical Information: 

Filmed and produced by Eyeball Moving Image

Written by

Elise Sterback

31 Oct 2012

Interests Arts policy researcher for The Big Idea Assist and Working Group member of Creative Coalition.