The Neo-Kalashnikovs - Urban Warfare (Anti-TPPA Kiwi music video)

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - Urban Warfare (Anti-TPPA Kiwi music video)
New music video by The Neo-Kalashnikovs​ - 'Urban Warfare' is out now!! Featuring footage from the Anti-TPPA protests and Real Choice blockade held in Auckland City on Feb the 4th 2016 ✊



The Neo-Kalashnikovs an Auckland sibling rock band aren't afraid to let people

know what they think of the TPPA agreement. They have released their new

music video "Urban Warfare" featuring protest footage from the march and

blockade in Auckland that occurred on the 4th of February. The band's singer

Volita Bioletti is strongly against the TPPA agreement and wants everyone to

think about the signing of such an agreement and the impact it will have on

New Zealand's future. The band are also just weeks away from releasing

their next record "The Cream E.P" that touches onother serious social issues

troubling the country from the minimum wage and foreign policy to depression

and domestic unemployment. If your a fan of good honest Kiwi rock watch the

new video on Youtube, like them on Facebook and find their first album

"She's On Heat" available on Bandcamp via the link below.

Written by

The Neo-Kalashnikovs

9 Feb 2016

Auckland Sibling Rockers! :)