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Skinwalker Ranch—Apocalypse Close Encounters

Skinwalker Ranch—Apocalypse Close Encounters
Did Marc Coppell capture what Robert Bigelow’s N.I.D.S. scientific team could not on camera (at least anything revealed to the public) at Skinwalker Ranch?


It took three years, two countries, balls of element 113 and Batman vision to complete this piece!


As someone who had been in a home that had poltergeist activity (his family fled) in New Zealand in the 1980’s in which others witnessed occurrences. Having also had a daytime close encounter with a metallic, oblong, shaped craft along with two strange beings in early 2013, in the Southern Nevada desert. Marc Coppell known as the “Haunted Man”, who puts a lot of thought and work into his videos had been part of and associated with paranormal teams in Las Vegas. Marc was immediately interested in the Skinwalker Ranch story on hearing it through an old radio broadcast. He had to go. Limited on funds he waited for the right time to make the long road trip to North Eastern, Utah. Marc took with him an array of night vision gear and other devices that he had used for ghost hunting.
Marc Coppell produced this the second of two documentaries on this area of high strangeness. The first was mostly an exclusive interview with local Ute spiritual man, Larry Cesspooch who recounts the goings on in the region, and what has happened to some of the Ute tribal members. Marc was to discover that this place lives up to its name. A possible frightening Bigfoot encounter, EVP’s, ghost box responses and strange anomalies (caught on I.R. camera.) Hold on to your shaking seat! Meet some of the locals in the Utinah basin during the night observations. Shot with storms on the horizon and blustery wind conditions.

Written by

Marc Coppell

29 Feb 2016