A Kick To Heaven

Official Selection Doc Edge Festival 2016


A Kick to Heaven

Director Zviki Eshet
Duration 68 mins

Zviki Eshet (a photographer and businessman, son of renowned photographer Mula Eshet) was running a successful business in Israel when it suddenly collapsed. On an impulse, he applied for a holiday visa to take his family to New Zealand. Shortly after arriving, entranced by the country, they found themselves building a new life on the other side of the world. What started as a vacation had become an inseparable part of their lives, which lasted a decade. Some may say that they ran away from it all; others would say he received a kick to Heaven. After building a new life and a thriving business, they suddenly decided to return to Israel.

Five years later, they revisit New Zealand. With the backdrop of our breathtaking scenery and endless freedom, they try to understand their choices and to find the meaning of home, identity, love and belonging.

Written by

Doc Edge

22 Apr 2016

The Documentary New Zealand Trust (Doc Edge) is a not-for-profit charitable organisation based in Auckland which was founded in 2004. Doc Edge's mission is to lead and inspire the creative, business and wider communities to develop and celebrate documentary stories.