'the street loves nana' | For Madam Moi Yong sprayed by TrustMe

Work in Progress for 'the street loves nana' | For Shirley sprayed by Dager


One of eight fence panels that makes up 'the street loves nana'. This original design is painted by TrustMe.

The sewing has been completed by a cast of many - sometimes over coffee and crumpets - captured here is its growth stitch by stitch.

Here's what TrustMe says about his Popo - Madam Moi Yong.


My father’s mother Popo, is in her late 80's.

Record keeping wasn't too flash in her day so her exact age is a guess.

She brought my father up in a Chinese village called Serdang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She now lives in New Zealand and never wears less than five layers of clothing. We communicate through charades and laughter.

In my memory she is a vivacious and tenacious women who worked for the sake of work. Even after making money through the world wide orchid boom in the 70's [after my Grandfather bought a orchid farm with some of his bus driving colleagues] - she still made paper bags for ripening star fruit and mangoes at the equivalent rate of 1 cent per bag.

My lasting memory? Popo chasing a large lizard through her house with a cleaver, determined not to let a free meal get away.

'the street loves nana' is an original idea conceived by designer Margaret Lewis to be a collaborative project between herself, NZ street artists and anyone wanting to give handcraft a go.

Technical Information: 

Fence mesh - framed by pallet timber - handsewn with wool.

TrustMeis a founding member of Cut Collective whose work explores the role and effect of the street as a site/platform for viewers to engage with art.

Purchase Details: 

While currently a work in progress, the works will ultimately be sold at an exhibition in Auckland to fund the next iteration of 'the street loves nana'.

Yes, there will be a second iteration.

Written by

Margaret Lewis

12 May 2016

A bit about me ... maker, conceiver and producer at the leading edge of urban art practice.