Molly Devine - Puppets

A beautiful video shot in the Oamaru's Victorian Precinct underscores Molly Devine's enchanting single from her new EP Planet Glitter- Phase One.


Puppets is a song about duty and time. Molly Devine uses a beautiful palette of epic harmonic textures and intricate instrumentation to paint the enchanting soundscape that gently underscores the contemplative and evocative lyrics. The music video, filmed in Oamaru's Victorian Precinct, provides a transportive visual accompaniment that greatly enhances the magic of the music.

Molly Devine is a new artist in the New Zealand music scene, she has just released her first EP, Planet Glitter - Phase One.

Written by

Molly Devine

6 Jun 2016

Molly Devine is an experimantal and explorative contemporary musician. Molly is a dedicated song-writer, arranger, composer and performer.