The Place We Live

Stitches of Dawn - Rangitikei Hill from Mangaweka to Vinigar Hill & Beyond
Murmurations - Mt. Ruapehu to Mt. Ngauruhoe
Somethining in the Water - Pohangina River
Stormy Point - Rangitikei NZ (Sold)
Momona Woolshed - Rangitikei
Through the Pouring Rain
A Dream to Hold - Rangitikei & Manawatu
Echo of Our Land - Vinegar Hill Rangitikei River NZ (Sold)
Through the Trees - Rangitikei River
Lonely Skies - Pohangina Valley
Blue Light - Pohangina River
Together NZ Kokako
Rangatira - Rangatikei River NZ
Through the Pouring Rain (Sold)
Just at Dawn - Rangitikei River
Before the Rain - Beehive Creek (Sold)
Rangitikei Hills (Sold)
The Stillness of Summer - Rangitikei NZ (Sold)
Night Reflections - New Zealand Huia (Sold)
This body of work is a celebration of Manawatu & Rangitikei landscapes. They echo the beauty of nature with ever changing viewpoints.


June 2016, Tammie Rose Riddle, The Place We Live

This exhibition celebrates how we are stitched into our landscape. The lush rolling hills of the Manawatu, the rivers that carve out a path through the countryside and the stark white cliffs of the Rangitikei; all are explored using Tammie's unique style of cubism, detail and colour to bring the soul of these landscapes into her paintings.

This exhibtion has been hosted by The White Room Co. in Palmerston North.

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All sales and commisions through The White Room Co. Palmerston North,

Written by

Tammie Riddle

4 Jul 2016